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soil ph meter
Aug 12, 2020

yieryi new soil ph meter all size Sunlight/Moisture/Light/PH moisture light fertility tester wet and dry 

1. It is a good helper for gardening because of its low price and good quality. It is used for measuring soil moisture, pH, and illuminance. It is convenient for use without batteries.
2. This instrument is a good helper for gardening, can test the soil PH (pH), soil moisture and light. No battery.
3. The scientific breeding method is the basis for us to cultivate flowers. Some flower friends, after reading the secrets of keeping flowers, regretfully shook his head. How do I know the pH of the soil? I can't estimate the humidity of the soil. How much light is appropriate in the end. The three-use soil tester now gives you directions and gives you a basic understanding of your love life. Keeping good flowers, it is the key

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