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How does your pond get through the hot weather?
Aug 12, 2020
The plum blossoms have already begun in Jiangsu this week. The next thing you will face is high temperature. The best temperature is now above 35 degrees. The high temperature this year is expected to be stronger than any year. Then your pond can now accept the high temperature. Challenge? The author will remind you of the recent situation in Tangkou. If you don’t do a good job of remediation, what should we do before the high temperature comes?

Pond water level:
1. Control the water level. When the high temperature comes, the pond water temperature will be higher, and the dissolved oxygen in the pond will also be lower. Then we need to add the water level. Many people ask me how much the water level should be increased. Then I will tell you a method here. Go to the pond at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and make sure that the water level at the bottom of the pond is kept cool at 20-30 cm.

Pond aeration:
2. Aeration, most of the problems facing high temperature are caused by lack of oxygen, so how do we correctly ensure that the pond has sufficient dissolved oxygen: do not turn on the aerator at noon, it is best to add fresh water or turn on the aerator in the early morning; when using medicines Be cautious and avoid using excessive oxygen-consuming drugs; in the evening, you must promptly turn on the water pump or aerator in time when floating heads appear in the pond at night.

Waterweed maintenance:
3. Aquatic plants. Excessive temperature will cause the growth of Elodea to stop or even rot. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain Elodea in time before the high temperature. Now you can use Algae Surging/Water Gold Cream + Caolijian 2 to improve vitality and repair Damaged cells; if the aquatic plants have decayed, remove the aquatic plants in time, and replace part of the dirty water to detoxify and improve the bottom; if there is no aquatic plants, replenish water peanuts or black algae in time to ensure that there are aquatic plants in the pond. Provide a place for river crabs to shed their shells.

4. Before the damage and high temperature comes, the crabs should be supplemented with nutrition. The crabs eat unstable at high temperatures. Therefore, crabs with weak physique will suffer large-scale damage in the face of high temperature. It is recommended to spray Jinwei'an + ionized calcium before the high temperature. During the feeding period, the feed must be mixed with "Gan Shukang + Dink + Budobacterium 110/Shijunhuang" to increase the appetite of crabs.
Pond disinfection
5. Disinfection, the activity of crabs is relatively weak in high temperature days, so avoid using excessively irritating drugs during disinfection. It is recommended to use a mild disinfectant, Hiruzun, to pour outside at 6 o'clock in the morning to disinfect the pond.
High temperature is the time when ponds are tested. Ponds will have a lot of problems during the high temperature period. Don't panic when you encounter problems. You must seek professional guidance. Do not mess around to avoid unnecessary losses.
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