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Handheld refractometer
Aug 12, 2020

Beer Wort and Wine Refractometer, Specific Gravity 1.000-1.120 and 0-32% Brix

1.This brix refractometer includes a specific gravity scale. You won't have to do conversions between brix and gravity when measuring the Original Gravity of musts or wort. Measuring final gravity accurately will still take some calculations, as the presence of alcohol does affect the reading. Best of all, it only requires a few drops of liquid for an accurate reading. No need to lose a whole hydrometer test jar of beer or wine in the process.

2. The Specific Gravity scale will provide a quick reading of your Original Gravity. Once fermentation has begun and alcohol is present, keep track of the Brix scale and use the Refractometer Calculator for Final Gravity correction. 3. This refractometer is specifically created for brewing of BEER and it can also be great for: Fruits, vegetables & grasses
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